3 Cozies in 1 Launched on Amazon

The newly re-tooled adventures of Abbey, Flo, Lil, and Donna in Lakeside, Texas is now launched on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Now’s a great time to relax and de-stress with a fun, quick-reading adventure featuring four wacky friends who can’t stay out of trouble.

Three previous cozy mystery novellas have now been combined into one 288 page novel — “Unmasking a Halloween Mystery,” “Cracking an Easter Conundrum,” and “Wrapping Up a Christmas Crisis.”

“The horror he found when he opened the bedroom door in the back of the house was beyond comprehension.” Abbey paused to witness her captive audience’s reaction.
One boy, who wanted to appear brave to the girls, responded. “What was it? It couldn’t be that bad.”
“Oh, it was horrible. Ron had never seen so much blood in his life. And there was his wife’s body, all…”
“Abbey St. John!! What in the world are you doing?” The voice of the librarian, Celia Brown, being louder than what people were used to in this setting, got everyone’s attention.”

Too Nosy to retire: texas series copyright 2020 tinamischke

Will the ladies get the stubborn town sheriff to take a second look at a miscarriage of justice?

Will the missing aunt of the town’s favorite barista be found alive?

Can Abbey, Flo, and Lil prevent Donna from being arrested for a highly public murder?

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Published by Tina Mischke

Writer and full time RVer. amazon.com/author/tinamischke

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