The Texas Series

Too Nosy To Retire — 3 cozy mystery novellas FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

You can find all three cozy novellas featuring Abbey, Flo, Lil, and Donna available now on Amazon Kindle. Meet the four senior ladies who can’t seem to stay out of town business in Lakeside, Texas. They’re just trying to help but when you’re too nosy to retire, trouble often follows.

“Unmasking A Halloween Mystery” — The brutal Halloween slaying of a young mother leaves this lake resort shocked and determined to find justice quickly. But was it too quickly as the boyfriend finds himself locked up and awaiting trail. The four best friends of Lakeside take it upon themselves to investigate. They need to solve this case pronto before the boyfriend goes to trial. When you live in a state that rarely overturns a conviction and likes using the electric chair, time is of the essence.

“Cracking An Easter Conundrum” — Was the local barista’s favorite aunt really missing, or did she just not want to be found? Abbey, Flo, Lil, and Donna can’t turn down a heartfelt appeal from their friend to investigate, no matter where the clues take them. They didn’t know they would be risking their lives in the process.

“Wrapping Up A Christmas Crisis” — Donna knew better than to start arguments out in public with her nemesis. Now her adversary was found dead and just hours ago dozens of community members witnessed a fight between the two of them. Before their friend gets locked up, Abbey, Lil, and Flo must use all their skills to expose the real culprit.

Cozy Mysteries are defined as a subgenera of crime fiction in which sex and violence occur offstage, the detective(s) are amateurs and the detecting often take place in small, socially intimate communities.

Cozy up with some fun light-hearted reading this season.

Published by Tina Mischke

Writer and full time RVer.

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