3 Mystery Series Profiled, FREE on KU

In this blog, I want to tell you about three very prolific cozy mystery writers whose series I enjoy. About three or four years ago, when I got hooked on these, I’d buy the next one on Amazon Kindle for about $2.99 each. Then, I discovered Kindle Unlimited and fortunately for me, all three of these series (67 books to date) are free. I’ve still got the first couple in my kindle library because I purchased them but I can read through the whole series anytime I want to re-read for free as long as I keep my KU account active.

Do you get a rather sad feeling when you’ve reached the last book in a series after falling in love with the characters for the last ten or twenty books? Never fear because all three of the authors I’m profiling here have multiple series, many available for free on Kindle Unlimited. It’s actually hard for me to talk about just three series because there are so many good ones that I’ve really enjoyed over the years by these authors. Here’s to happy discovering as you seek engaging cozy entertainment.

Zoe Donovan series — 32 books by Kathi Daley

To date, Kathi Daley has 13 series, some with over 20 books, so you might never run out of reading material if you stick with her. I will just profile one of her series that I really enjoyed but there are so many, I almost feel like I’m doing a disservice. I’m counting on you to explore the others on your own.

All of the Zoe Donovan books feature a holiday theme, with titles like Christmas Crazy and The Trouble with Turkeys. What I loved most was that I was able to keep reading and never got bored of the characters as they evolved through the 34 books in the series. Zoe Donovan is a single woman animal lover with a bevy of friends that come to her assistance often in the mountain town of Ashton Falls. I won’t spoil the plot for you but Kathi Daley’s books often feature a strong female lead who ends up falling in love with her best friend who happens to be rather well off but humble in his own way (this series, the Rescue Alaska series, and Whales and Tails series, for example).

Spoiler Alert — after losing her job as city animal control officer, her dream of getting to be in charge of her own private animal shelter is conceived, thereby realizing her own self-actualization as well as benefiting the town itself. Of course, there are a couple dead body mysteries along the way that need to be solved.

Cruise Ship Mysteries series — 20 books by Hope Callaghan

Hope Callaghan describes herself as a Christian cozy mystery writer and her series do feature people of the Christian faith but don’t let that dissuade you if you aren’t religious. Her stories feature strong female characters and are always engaging. They may say a blessing over their meal or pray for the family of the latest dead body, but the books are not overly sappy and the religious aspect is infrequent. Whether you follow the Christian faith, another faith, or are agnostic or atheist, I can guarantee you will still love her mystery series.

I really enjoy the Cruise Ship mysteries but enjoy equally the Made in Savannah series. I’m profiling the Cruise Ship stories here just because I’m currently re-reading them and they are fresh in my mind.

Millie Sanders is a recently divorced grandmother who decides to change her life in Michigan and applies for a job as assistant cruise director for a large cruise ship line. That’s where the fun begins. She creates a new life for herself, making life long friends along the way in her new home away from home. There are enough dead bodies to keep you on your toes and there’s also some onboard romance as she cruises the oceans on Siren of the Seas.

Lexy Baker series — 15 books by Leighann Dobbs

You guessed it! Lexy Baker owns a bake shop. Leighann Dobbs is a prolific writer, with 15 books in this series, and many others under various pseudonyms, including some engaging paranormal mysteries. Lexy finds trouble in every book but manages with the help of a policeman next door neighbor, faithful bakery employees, and a quartet of gang-ho grandmothers on each case.

This series offers a nice blend of generations all playing significant parts so whether you are a twenty-something or retired, you will find a character you can relate to. And like the above series I’ve mentioned, Lexy’s dog, Sprinkles, plays a part too. All three series feature main characters who are pet-lovers, making the reading even more enjoyable, in my opinion.

Here’s hoping you can find time to enjoy these fun cozy mystery series. We all need a little escapism on a daily basis, I think and these are just about perfect for that.

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