Not Cozies But Nice

There are some mystery series that I’ve really enjoyed that weren’t in the cozy mystery genre. They are all mostly G-rated or PG at the most, however aren’t considered cozies because they don’t fit all the parameters. When one enjoys a cozy mystery, reality can be suspended and one is transformed to a nicer, simpler place where all turns out well at the end. I don’t like gratuitous language or violence or graphic sexual scenes but sometimes I do want a little more meat in my mystery. I’ve chosen just three authors to profile here that are worth checking out. They are all in Kindle and some of them are free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick is featured in a six series mystery by Kendra Elliot. The stories are suspenseful and nail-biting but I didn’t have to skip any pages because it was too much for me. I really enjoyed this series and others, including the Columbia River books, by this best-selling author. I think there’s nothing better than a strong female lead in a solid mystery book that doesn’t resort to foul language or unnecessary sex scenes. We want to be titillated, not hit on the head.

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon the Katie Connell books by Pamela Fagan Hutchins but I enjoyed this trilogy so much, I re-read it again a few years later. There are hints of the supernatural throughout as this attorney, facing a life crisis, moves to the Caribbean in search of peace, but it’s subtle and really adds to the mysteries she uncovers with newfound friends. The location, and especially the abandoned mansion she purchases, play a major role in the story. I won’t spoil it for you so check it out on Amazon Kindle. You’ll enjoy Hutchins’ many other Amazon best-sellers too.

Then there is the prolific writer, Denise Grover Swank. I enjoyed the Rose Gardner series, which I’ve read twice through, but this best-selling author also has other genres in her repertoire, including romance novels. There are nine books in the original series with several spin offs also available. Rose is an unassuming, protected, southern flower but breaks the mold one day when she just can’t take it anymore. She soon finds herself tackling issues that even the police are reluctant to deal with as she discovers her true personality and experiences life in a whole new way. It’s been a few years but I think there were a few pages in the later books of the series that I skipped over when the heroine realizes she doesn’t want to die a virgin and then goes a little overboard.

As you stretch out into new territory with your reading, I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have over the years.

Published by Tina Mischke

Writer and full time RVer.

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