Updates and Recommendations

I haven’t been doing much of my own writing on my cozy mysteries this year but I have been doing a lot of reading and even have a movie to recommend. My cozies that are already published include three novellas in one book called “Too Nosy To Retire — Texas Series” and one novella outContinue reading “Updates and Recommendations”


I don’t remember when I started reading Sue Grafton’s alphabet series mysteries but it was probably the early 2000s. Her genre was not labeled as a “cozy mystery” but it has all the elements that I love about cozies. Kinsey Milhone is an independent private investigator in a small coastal town north of Los Angeles.Continue reading “ABC,123”

Not Cozies But Nice

There are some mystery series that I’ve really enjoyed that weren’t in the cozy mystery genre. They are all mostly G-rated or PG at the most, however aren’t considered cozies because they don’t fit all the parameters. When one enjoys a cozy mystery, reality can be suspended and one is transformed to a nicer, simplerContinue reading “Not Cozies But Nice”

3 Mystery Series Profiled, FREE on KU

In this blog, I want to tell you about three very prolific cozy mystery writers whose series I enjoy. About three or four years ago, when I got hooked on these, I’d buy the next one on Amazon Kindle for about $2.99 each. Then, I discovered Kindle Unlimited and fortunately for me, all three ofContinue reading “3 Mystery Series Profiled, FREE on KU”

Hiatus,of sorts

The cozy mystery updates are going to be put on hold for a while, folks. The biggest reason for this is that I’ve decided to completely re-tool everything I’ve written in the past 15 months. You may or may not know that I had originally published three cozy mystery novellas featuring the same four mainContinue reading “Hiatus,of sorts”

Where Does Koko Live?

Following the clues in the 29 Cat Who books Where do Koko, Qwill, and Yum Yum live? If you are familiar with The Cat Who series of 29 cozy mystery books (1966-2007), then you recognize these names. I first was introduced to this delightful set of books when I received number one in the seriesContinue reading “Where Does Koko Live?”

The Texas Series

Too Nosy To Retire — 3 cozy mystery novellas FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED! You can find all three cozy novellas featuring Abbey, Flo, Lil, and Donna available now on Amazon Kindle. Meet the four senior ladies who can’t seem to stay out of town business in Lakeside, Texas. They’re just trying to help but whenContinue reading “The Texas Series”

3 Cozies in 1 Launched on Amazon

The newly re-tooled adventures of Abbey, Flo, Lil, and Donna in Lakeside, Texas is now launched on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Now’s a great time to relax and de-stress with a fun, quick-reading adventure featuring four wacky friends who can’t stay out of trouble. Three previous cozy mystery novellas have now been combined into oneContinue reading “3 Cozies in 1 Launched on Amazon”

Cozy Mysteries and the Hobbies They Embrace

Cozy mystery book series and hobbies go together like coffee and donuts. The combination makes you feel good in a relaxing, shall we say “cozy,” way. For those of you not familiar with the genre, think of the TV Show “Murder She Wrote,” (1984 to 1996) which encompassed all that makes a cozy a cozy.Continue reading “Cozy Mysteries and the Hobbies They Embrace”

Let’s talk editing

How many times did you re-read your book before publishing? In the “old” days, a typed manuscript would head out to an editor/publisher after the author had reprinted maybe half a dozen times. Probably at least one person read this manuscript and made their own changes and it might have even been more than oneContinue reading “Let’s talk editing”

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